Discover Anoia (Barcelona, Catalonia) in English – Agenda – February 1-14, 2013

Discover Igualada, Piera, Vilanova del Camí, Santa Margarida de Montbui and the other towns in Anoia. Here you will find tourist information on Catalan and Catholic traditions, popular culture, fairs, festivals, concerts, sports and other events which take place from 1 to 14 February, 2013.

1 February (Friday); 23:30
Piera (Anoia, Barcelona); at Espai d’Entitats; address: C/ Folch i Torres, S/N
Music + Dance: Flamenco
Musicians: Laura Santos (song), Jorge Santiago (guitar), Violeta Barrio (dance), A. Espín (bass) and Sergi Murillo (cajón).
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2 February (Saturday)
Espelt (Òdena, Anoia, Barcelona)
SportsMountain Running Competition – Yeti cursa invernal de l’Espelt
Either 15,5 or 6,9 km.
Registration Fee
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2 February (Saturday); 20:00
Igualada (Anoia, Barcelona); at the theatre Teatre Municipal l’Ateneu; address: C/ Sant Pau, 9
Music: Concert - Works by Dvořák on violins, viola and cello
Musicians: Quartet Altimira and Neus Peris
Entrance Fee
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3 February (Sunday); 11:30
Igualada (Anoia, Barcelona); in the museum Museu de la Pell d’Igualada; address: C/ Doctor Joan Mercader, s/n
Historical heritage + Industrial Tourism: Guided tour at the Leather Museum of Igualada and the old tannery Cal Granotes
Language: Catalan
Free Entry
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3 February (Sunday); 18:00-21:00
Òdena (Anoia, Barcelona); in the church Capella de Sant Miquel
Catholic Traditions: Mass + Song and Dance Exhibition “Las Candelas”
Organizer: Unió Cultural Extremenya de l’Anoia
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7-13 February (Thursday-Wednesday)
Anoia and the rest of Catalonia and Spain
Catholic Traditions + Local Traditions: Carnival (Carnestoltes)

9 February (Saturday); in the evening
Piera (Anoia, Barcelona); through the town centre
Local Traditions: Carnival Parade (Rua de Carnaval)
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9-10 February (Saturday-Sunday)
Igualada (Anoia, Barcelona)
Catholic Traditions + Local Traditions: The Carnival of Igualada - (Carnaval d’Igualada)
February 9 (Saturday)
19:00; Through the town centre
Carnival Parade (Rua de Carnaval) with the Carnival King and the band Xaranga Quatre Vents
Full Route: C/ Joaquima Vedruna, C/ Soledat, C/ Sant Jordi, rambla General Vives, rambla Sant Isidre, rambla Nova, C/ Santa Caterina, pg. Verdaguer, C/ Vida, pl. Font.
February 10 (Sunday)
12:00; Starting point in the square plaça de l’Ajuntament
Carnival Parade open for all children
Full Route: pl. Ajuntament, C/ Santa Caterina, pl. Pius XII, C/ Custiol, pl. Pilar, C/ Born, pl. Ajuntament.
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10 February (Sunday); 18:00-21:00
Vilanova del Camí (Anoia, Barcelona); at Casa Andalusia; address: av. Felip II, 34-36
Catalan Traditions + Catalan Food: Open Calçot Festival (Calçotada)
Organizer: Casa Andalusia de l’Anoia a Vilanova del Camí
Registration Fee
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10 February (Sunday); 08:00-14:00
Vilanova del Camí (Anoia, Barcelona); Starting point at the CEVCamí club house; address: C/ Montserrat, 28 (2nd floor)
Mediterranean Landscapes: Organized Hike – The Mountain Range Serra d’Albarells
Language: Catalan
Organizer: Colla Excursionista de Vilanova del Camí
Registration Needed. Car Needed
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10 February (Sunday)
Espelt (Òdena, Anoia, Barcelona); Startin point in the square plaça del Centre
Mediterranean Landscapes: Organized Hike - Caminada popular pel terme d’Òdena
A 10 km walk
Registration Needed
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14 January (Thursday); 20:00
Igualada (Anoia, Barcelona); at the auditory Auditori de l’Escola Municipal de Música; address: passeig Verdaguer, 84
Music – Concert: Music from the 20th Century (Cicle Música del segle XX); Works by Bohuslav Martín
Music by: Students from the Municipal Music School
Free Entry
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