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2018 Education Special!

Lot of ways ?to learn to grow?


Being a successful small farmer requires many skills. For example, you might need to learn how to control weeds in asparagus, weld equipment, deliver twin calves or develop a business plan. Even after you’ve learned the basics there is always more to learn. As market demand and your competition changes, you might want to grow new crops, provide value-added products or modify your marketing methods. Continuing your education can also help improve efficiency. At workshops and conferences, you can discover […]bóng đá trực tuyến MORE

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  1. Finding your perfect match

    Best poultry breeds for small farms

  2. Select Livestock Breeders Guide – 2018

    Small Farm Canada offers snapshots of lots of great breeds of livestock. We based the descriptions on information provided by select breed associations. Take that into consideration as you discover more about the following breeds which are raised on Canadian small farms.

  3. bóng đá trực tuyến 2017 Education Special!

    There are many ways to learn to grow

  4. Kicking the Drug Habit

    Can the poultry giants learn something about bird health from the backyard producer?

  5. Make your own potting mix

    Follow these recipes to get your plants off to a great start

  6. 2017 Seed Guide

    Welcome to Small Farm Canada’s annual Seed Buying Guide. You’ll find seed suppliers from across Canada and into the U.S. who have worked hard to supply whatever seeds, bulbs, corms etc. your small farm needs. Put a log on the fire, curl up with the dog and start planning.

  7. Be a better farm boss

    You can calm a nervous heifer, rebuild a tractor transmission and grow the best damn soybeans in the county. But how well do you manage employees? We turned to SurveyMonkey — and an HR expert — for the unvarnished truth, plus a whole lot of tips on how to do better.

  8. Outdoor farm-to-fork dinners

    Where country schools the city

  9. Chill out! Storing heat inside a greenhouse using salt

  10. bóng đá trực tuyến Biosecurity and small farmers

    6 tips for healthy birds

  11. Discover the flavour of old-time chicken with a Canadian broiler, Nova Brown

  12. 10 reasons why you should consider raising Bantams

  13. Horse power!

    How one Ontario farm works with horses to achieve sustainability and profitability

  14. Small Farm Canada Q&A – Farm Noise

    Q: Is there a way to quantify the damage farm sounds can cause, and over what period of time?

  15. Animal, vegetable, mineral?

    Successful pasture needs all three.

  16. Understanding regional food hubs

    Bridging the gap in the local food system

  17. Animal, vegetable, mineral?

    Successful pasture needs all three.

  18. The way of the shearer

    Studying, honouring and preserving the ancient art of sheep-shearing

  19. Q and A – Your Small Farm Questions Answered

    Q: What do I need to know to create a self-sufficient, small-scale farm? (We aren’t thinking of going off the grid, just looking to feed ourselves and our livestock.)

  20. Making forage on a (very) small-scale

    Is it viable?

  21. More Canadian Apples!

    A guide to planning and establishing a successful orchard


    A compendium of the best and most interesting courses and conferences for small farmers

  23. 2013 Seed Buying Guide

    Planning and dreaming next year’s fields and gardens

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