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September October 2018


September/October 2018 >> Vol. 15 Issue 5


Small-scale sawmilling on the farm By Tony Kryanowski Is this farm-based business right for your operation?

Pain or gain? By Ryan Ridgway (DVM) One veterinarian’s point of view on how new regulations affecting access to antibiotics can improve your farm’s profitability and reduce antibiotic resistance

No plan By Matt Jones What happens when farmers fail to plan for succession



Letters Different takes on climate change.

News & Notes NB blueberry woes, digital farm doctor; book review: Raising Amazing Chicks: The First Seven Days;

Research Notes: crop diversity and pest control, probiotics and beehives, greener cattle.

At Pasture By Ray Ford Using hay moisture testers.

Poultry By Amy Hogue Straight talk about euthanizing poultry.

Equipment By Dan Kerr Understanding PTO drivelines.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps Celebrate flavours of the season with . . . ratatouille!

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles The disappointment phase of technology.