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January/February 2018


January/February Nov 2018 >> Vol. 15 Issue 1


Lyme disease in farm animals By Vanessa Farnsworth
What to watch for, and what to do.

Go ask ALUS By Shirley Byers
Conservation organization works with farmers for the benefit of all.

2018 Select Livestock Breed Directory Assembled by Janet Wallace
A super selection of breeds!


News & Notes Beware buying farmland in fire season, combating bat disease, book review: The New Farm; research notes: making biochar, are red greenhouses best?, end of herbicides? Pine chips as perfume.

Innovations Readers submit their best ideas.

Poultry By Amy Hogue It’s all about the eggs.

Equipment By Dan Kerr Keep this useful implement in good condition so it is ready for the planting season.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps Say yes to chowder!

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club
By Dan Needles Learning where we live.