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Jan/Feb 2017


January/February 2017 >> Vol. 14 Issue 1


Successful internships By Mary Ellen Wales Seven tips for developing relationships that leave you—and your intern—delighted.

SPECIAL FEATURE?2017 Livestock Breeders Guide ?Assembled by Janet Wallace


Letters Thoughts on predators, woodlots and climate change, wood burning cautions.

News & Notes More chickens for small Ontario producers; Danish technology deals with brush creep; using drones for field analysis; new Prairie land-leasing options; cover crop incentives; Research Notes: insect resistance in wild tomatoes and corn.

Innovations Lay out the carpet for the pigs!; home-made cutting fluid.

Q&A How do I deal with troublesome porcupines?

Poultry By Amy Hogue On-farm biosecurity and the small farm—are you up to scratch?.

Equipment By Dan Kerr What’s the use of a generator if it won’t work when needed?.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps A dairy- and egg-free recipe for chocolate cake.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club?By Dan Needles The evolution of a farm dog.