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Jan/Feb 2015


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 >> Vol. 12 Issue 1


I love hornets?By Gary Young Hornets are excellent early-spring pollinators.

Banking on bugs?By Janet Wallace An all-natural method for dealing with greenhouse pests.

Adding value with on-farm abattoirs?By Shirley Byers Profiles of three farms.

Declare your farm?a rat free zone?By Heather Walker Prevention tips from Alberta’s Rat Patrol.


Letters Ways to think about the value of farming, productivity circa 1920, thanks!

News & Notes Understanding new plant hardiness data, crafting a size sensitive organic certification system, Miss Uganda has to farm, will rising CO2affect nutrition in crops?

Farm Innovations Winter gate doesn’t bind on snow, insulating water line.

Q&A Quantifying farm noises (and the steps needed to protect yourself from them).

Equipment By Dan Kerr Installation and maintenance of a water purification system.

At Pasture By Ray Ford Making the case for inoculants.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps Try this new take on classic apple pie.

New Products Snow blade, post-hole auger, claw grapple.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles Lessons from a summer in France.