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2016 Seed Guide

“The best part of the whole year for gardening,” is what we’re all about here at Small Farm Canada’s annual Seed Buying Guide. In these pages you’ll find seed suppliers from across Canada and into the U.S. who have worked hard to supply whatever seeds, bulbs, corms etc. your small farm or garden requires. So, pour yourself an appropriate beverage, put your feet up and let the dream begin . . . /9c4/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/seed2016.jpg

A’bunadh Seeds
A’bunadh is Gaelic for “the origin” and this organic seed house in Northern Alberta is the origin of a full line of plants hardy in zone 2. They specialize in open pollinated non GMO corn which is getting harder and harder to find but their inventory also includes a wide variety of vegetables including squash, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon.? In addition, they carry comfrey root, onions and Jerusalem artichoke as well as garlic, herbs and wild herbs such as yarrow, rue and Queen Anne’s lace.

A. E. McKenzie Co. Inc.
Canada’s Number 1 packet seed company has been in business since 1896. They specialize in flower and vegetable seed and offer many other products. A.E. McKenzie has recently added a timeline feature to their website. Click on the pics for a trip down memory lane with this centennial plus seed house.

Agrohaitai Ltd.
Agrohaitai conducts extensive trials in China and Canada, screening a wide range of varieties. They work closely with breeders to develop seeds to meet the needs of their clients. Their diverse inventory includes pak choi, Chinese cabbage, stem mustard, winged bean, ho lan do and water spinach as well as herbs such as Chinese chives, perillo, Chinese toon and colatro.? Order from their online catalogue or by phone, fax or mail.

Annapolis Valley?Heritage Seeds
At Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds, they’re all about growing and maintaining as many rare varieties as possible and they encourage customers to do the same. All of their seed is hand grown, open pollinated and non GMO. And, every seed is grown out in Nova Scotia so it’s locally adapted to the area and the climate.

Apple Luscious Organic Orchard
Carrying at least 30 varieties, Apple Luscious Organic Orchard is home to the largest collection of red fleshed apples in Canada. Only natural fertilizers such as seaweed, manures, oyster shell and hay mulch are used in this orchard. Scion wood is available from February to the end of March. One year old whips are also offered from the more than 200 varieties grown at the orchard.

August’s Harvest
Growing “old world” garlic since 1991, August’s Harvest also offers garlic seeds, shallots and Saskatoon berries.

Bedrock Environmental Services Ltd.
Bedrock Environmental Services supplies wild flowers, grains, grasses, shrubs and trees — all as live plant material. They put the emphasis on locally grown seed and native species for low maintenance, minimal water needs, the diversity of life they support and superior carbon sequestration. Their willows, dogwoods and currents might be of particular interest to gardeners and small farmers.

Blazing Star Wildflower?Seed Company
The folks at Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company, now in their 22nd year of business, are dedicated to preserving and restoring native Canadian wildflowers, the kind that survive the coldest Prairie winter. They’ve got scarlet mallow, gaillardia, prairie crocus, purple prairie clover, western red lily and many more, and they’ve got combinations. This little seed house on the Prairies also carries a line of wedding favours and heritage vegetable seed.

Bluestem Nursery
Bluestem is a small, specialized nursery located in British Columbia’s southern interior. Owner, Jim Brockmeyer, is an expert on the province’s native grasses and Bluestem’s inventory also includes willows and native perennials. This year at Bluestem, they’re excited about coreopsis tripteris, a perennial, which does well from the middle part of Canada to British Columbia, growing to about seven tall. Its yellow blossoms mature into black seed heads. It makes a nice show in winter and the birds like it too.?

Boundary Garlic
Specializing in heritage certified organic garlic for seed, this garlic farm in the interior of B.C. carries more than 50 varieties and a large selection of true hardneck varieties which thrive in our cold winters and moderately hot summers. They also carry softneck varieties and weakly bolting hardnecks. Boundary sells by mail order across Canada or directly from the website.?

Brother Nature?Organic Seeds
You can search Brother Nature’s website for vegetables, flowers and herbs by name, Latin name or colour. And their Zone Feature will allow you to see only the seeds that will grow in your location. They’re certified organic and many of their seeds are heirloom and heritage. The owners at Brother Nature are in touch with their product from start to finish. They grow it, collect it, process it and even print their own envelopes.

Casey’s Heirloom Tomatoes
“Urban agriculture is the future of our food supply,” says Jeffrey Casey. When he and his wife moved from Hokkaido, Japan to Airdrie, Alberta, they missed the tasty vegetables they’d left behind in Japan. His backyard garden became a testing ground and these days he’s harvesting seed from dozens of tomato varieties of all shapes, sizes and colours, all hardy in Canada zone 3a and all organic.?

Cottage Gardener Heirloom Seed house & Nursery??
In business since 1996, Cottage Gardener is a certified organic seed house providing rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to gardeners and market growers. Seed is available in retail packets or bulk quantities.

Country Farm Seeds
Serving Ontario farmers for more than 40 years, Country Farm Seeds seeks out additional opportunities for customers to improve their bottom line, offering competitive seed prices and export premiums for many of their top varieties.?

De Dell Seeds Incorporated
Established in 1999, De Dell Seeds is a family owned and operated non GMO seed corn company, offering conventional and certified organic seed corn. It is the only non GMO seed corn company in Canada, producing organic seed corn in Canada. De Dell Seeds does not use neonicotinoids as a standard seed treatment.

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes
This family seed house located in central Alberta has been growing hardy seed potatoes for 29 years, producing vigorous seed stock which performs exceptionally well in all other regions of Canada. They offer Canada’s largest selection of seed potatoes including old favourites such as Yukon gold and russet, Russian blue, French fingerlings and Caribe. Eagle Creek supplies home gardeners, market gardeners and nurseries across Canada.

Eagleridge Seeds
In business since 1995, this farm based seed house carries a wide selection of rare and endangered tomatoes, herbs vegetables and rare flowers — especially varieties that attract bees and beneficial insects. All of their seed is organic, non GMO and suited for northern and temperate climates. Bulk seed amounts are available as well as discounts to market gardens, community gardens and farmers. Order online only.

Early’s Farm & Garden Centre Inc. (two locations)
This Saskatoon company has been in business for over 100 years. Their inventory of over 700 seed varieties includes vegetable, flower and sprouting seeds as well as grass and turf — and most are available in bulk quantities. They stock an extensive inventory of forage seed species in common, No. 1 and certified standard that are suitable for livestock pasture and hay production, and specialize in custom mixes to meet customer requirements. A forage seed price list is available upon request at the website, or call their toll free number.

Ecogenesis Inc.
Founded 25 years ago by Dr. Paul Evering, this small,, environmentally conscious seed house prides itself on donating seeds to charity and keeping seeds in the public domain. Emphasis is on herbs and vegetables. Ecogenesis also markets a seed-saving kit and their catalogue and information kit is available for $5. Seventy varieties,? many heirloom, all open pollinated and certified organic. (Note: web address is ecogenesis.co not ecogenesis.ca)

Eternal Seed
Dedicated to growing and distributing heritage seeds, Eternal Seed carries 350 varieties of vegetable seed and 80 each of flower and herb varieties. They sell seeds, seedlings and fruit and nut plants on-line and at some retail locations. Watch for their new introductions each year.

Eureka Garlic
With 14 years in the business, Eureka Garlic owner, Al Picketts grows many varieties and uses no chemicals. Products include the black garlic, Eureka Black Gold; dehydrated garlic and dehydrated garlic scapes. He can ship seed garlic to the U.S. and fresh garlic is also available for sale.?

Evergreen Seed Co. Ltd.
Evergreen Seed Co. is a forage seed company recognized by Agriculture Canada and the Canadian Seed Institute to apply official certification tags and seals to mixtures of forage and turf seeds. Their seeds exceed government requirements for purity and germination standards. Evergreen carries a complete line of proprietary forage varieties, forage mixtures and turf mixtures. Custom mixes are their speciality.

Florabunda Seeds
English cottage gardens of the past can be recreated with heirloom flower, vegetable and herb seeds from this Ontario seed house. Their inventory includes heirloom varieties salvaged from abbeys and monasteries in England in the Middle Ages and others brought to Britain by plantsmen sent on plant-hunting expeditions around the world.

Full Circle Seeds
Full Circle Seeds offers certified organic, open pollinated, hardy seed. They carry a wide selection of heritage varieties and varieties from Asia and Europe prized by the best local chefs. Their herbs include epazote from Mexico as well as old favourites such as sweet peas, nasturtiums and wild flowers that self-sow, heritage tomatoes, salad greens and five kinds of kale.

Gardens North
From its beginnings in 1991 as a dining room operation, Gardens North now does business in over 30 countries supplying seed to gardeners, commercial growers and other seed houses. Gardens North is the only Canadian source for GA-3 (a germination stimulator).

Greta’s Organic Gardens
The experts at this certified organic seed company have grown and tested many old-fashioned plant varieties to hand-pick their inventory of vegetables, herbs and over 200 varieties of tomatoes. Greta’s heirloom seeds are untreated, open pollinated and non GMO and they come with a money back guarantee.

Halifax Seed Company
Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2016, Canada’s oldest continuously-operating family-owned seed company is constantly evaluating new products to determine their suitability for the Atlantic Region. Halifax Seed offers a full mail order program across Canada.

Heritage Harvest Seed
Going into their 13th year in business, this Manitoba seed company specializes in rare and endangered heirloom seeds, all none GMO, open pollinated and untreated. Check out their selection of heirloom tomatoes and heirloom beans as well as many other hard to find heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs. Heritage Harvest Seed is no longer shipping to the U.S.

Heritage Seed & Produce
Heritage Seed & Produce specializes in the propagation of rare heirloom vegetable seed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All varieties are isolated to ensure purity and acclimatized to the area. Order online, by phone or mail, or check out their seeds at the Canadian Tire store in Perth, Ontario.

High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds was birthed in 1996. It was a one-man operation at that time but since has grown to to the point where it offers gardeners and commercial growers a diverse selection of over 600 heirloom, open pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Holes Greenhouse & Gardens Ltd.
Now one of the biggest garden centres in Canada, this family company was founded more than three decades ago, by the late Ted and Lois Hole. Check out their newsletter chock full of gardening and landscaping tips.

Hope Seeds
Flowers, herbs, garlic, roots, tubers and vegetables. They’ve got it all at Hope Seeds and it’s all certified organic,? sustainably grown, heritage and open-pollinated garden seed. In business since 1993, Hope Seeds is dedicated to local and sustainable agriculture.

Horizon Seeds
Horizon Seeds is an all-Canadian, family owned business. A member of SeCan, Horizon Seeds grows all its seed in Norfolk County and offers certified hybrid corn and organic and conventional soybeans with treatment options available on all hybrids.

Howard Dill Enterprises
If you’ve a hankering to grow record breaking giant pumpkins (pictures on the website) this family run seed house is the place to shop. “Dill’s Atlantic Giant” has topped 2,000 pounds. They also carry seeds for regular size pumpkins, gourds and squash. Order by mail, email or directly online.

The Incredible Seed Company
This farm based seed company specializes in open pollinated, heritage vegetable, flower and herb seeds. Check out their website for a primer on heritage, heirloom and open pollinated seeds plus handy info on how to grow various seeds.

J.L. Hudson, Seedsman
A public access seed bank, J.L. Hudson, Seedsman has been in business since 1911. Canadian customers take note: orders can take a month to arrive. You will find information on their website on how to order by mail or email. J.L. Hudson is now accepting online payment through PayPal but there is no phone service.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a privately held,?100 per cent employee-owned seed producer and merchant. Seed inventory includes vegetables, flowers, cover crops and pasture mixes, and they ship internationally. Each year a new and exciting vegetable is added to their extensive list.

Lindenberg Seeds
In 1935 when the original Lindenberg brothers began selling seed to Prairie gardeners, their philosophy was, “Good quality seed at a fair price is the best value.” The Lindenberg family continues to sell only seed that has been tested and retested for quality.

Maizex Seeds Inc.
With over a quarter of a century in the seed business Maizex offers traited hybrids and varieties that annually deliver above average performance across a wide range of heat units. Inventory includes seed corn, silage and soybean products along with agronomic expertise.

Mapple Farm
This New Brunswick seed farm is a “grower and supplier of adventurous seed and plant stock.” Specialties include short-season sweet potatoes, distinctive tomatoes, Jerusalem and Chinese artichokes, horse radish, garden soybeans and more. Brochure available by request via email or at the website

Metchosin Farm seed
Selling to commercial nurseries and home gardeners, Metchosin Farm Seed specializes in open pollinated, heirloom, local and indigenous vegetables, berries and other edible plant starters. Their heirloom tomato catalogue features varieties from Italy to Siberia. Most varieties have been grown out for four to eight years, adapting to the local climate.

Mountain Seed Company
This seed company’s stock of rare and unusual vegetables includes tomatoes, greens and other veggies which originated with the Russian Doukhobor community. Their seeds, planted, harvested and packaged by hand, are available through mail, online ordering, B.C. seed exchanges and at local stores.

Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds
Certified organic since 1988, the Mumm family partners with certified organic farmers to bring you healthy, sustainable non GMO seed, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Mycogen Seeds
Mycogen began nearly 30 years ago as a biotech company specializing in transgenic research. It now offers advanced genetic trait and ag chem technologies. Products include grain corn, soybeans, sunflower, canola, alfalfa and sorghum.

Ontario Seed Company
This 130 year old family run seed company is always adding new varieties to their inventory of? native grasses, prairie wild flowers, ecological lawn alternatives and specific use mixtures such as septic bed mix, naturalized wetland mixture etc. Their inventory also includes vegetables, flowers, herbs, tree, lawn and forage seed.

Prairie Garden Seeds
This family business operated by Jim Ternier and Rachelle Ternier, is widely known for its collection of ancient grains, some dating from 10,000 years ago. The Terniers also carry a full selection of vegetable and flower seeds. All are open pollinated, untreated and have not been genetically modified.

Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd.
They specialize in supplying the expertise and knowledge to insure that a seeding is successful.?This can and often does include custom seed blending to meet the specific needs for each customer.

Pumpkin Moon Farm and Herbals
Pumpkin Moon Farm specializes in heirloom flowers, herbs and vegetable seeds. They sell over 40 varieties of seeds: vegetable, herbs and flowers most of which are culinary and medicinal. All are open pollinated, untreated and non GMO. Pumpkin Moon follows organic standards but is not certified organic.

Quality Seeds
Family owned and in business for over 50 years, this Ontario company is one of the largest forage, lawn and turf companies in Canada. Quality Seeds are proud, exclusive distributors of Dividend VL orchard grass.?Check out the blog on the Quality Seeds website for timely forage advice.

Quality Seeds West
Since 2002: supplying field seeds (alfalfa, clovers, grasses), cover crops (grain, peas, vetch), reclamation seeds, lawns, and lawn seeds adapted to the province of British Columbia, with mixtures for different areas such as coastal, interior and dryland interior.

Richters Herbs
A source for herb plants, seeds, dried herbs and more, Richters has been growing and selling herbs since 1969.

Rupp Seeds
Rupp Seeds supplies vegetable, turf, soy, grain and forage seed to wholesale producers, fresh market growers and the processing industry. Their staff evaluates fungicide and insecticide treatments to select those that will improve seedling health.

Salt Spring Seeds
Supplying open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds to farmers and gardeners; Salt Springs Seeds inventory includes garlic, grains, greens, medicinal herbs, beans and high protein crops such as quinoa and amaranth. Their catalogue (online and hard copy) includes seeds from 18 gardens and farms — all of these farms are organic and two are certified organic. Varieties that are certified organic are indicated as such.

Seeds of Diversity Canada
Seeds of Diversity is a charitable organization that provides a safe place for non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance. This organization is preserving our seed heritage by growing, propagating and distributing over 2900 varieties of vegetables, fruit, grains, flowers and herbs.

Silver Creek Nursery
From apples to apricots, from pears to peaches, from quince to cherries, Silver Creek Nursery offers “fruit trees for everyone.” Not certified organic but does not knowingly use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides as defined in the Canadian Organic Standards. Fed with natural products such as soybean meal and kelp, all trees are non-GMO. Silver Creek Nursery specializes in trees for home gardeners and small orchards.

Speare Seeds
More than 40 years ago this company had its beginnings supplying a few varieties of seed to the local agricultural community. Today, Speare Seeds delivers hay mixtures, pasture blends, cover crops and conventional corn from coast to coast. Speare Seeds also carries corn, turf, lawn and wildlife mixtures.

Stellar Seeds
Stellar grows and sells their own seed and also markets for several other farms. All of their seed is organic, open pollinated, grown in British Columbia and farmed with holistic practices. Bulk and packet sizes available.

Stokes Seeds
No order is too big or too small for Stokes Seeds. They sell to home gardeners and commercial growers, always with an emphasis on quality seed and extensive growing information

Sunshine Farm
Sunshine Farm seeds are certified organic by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society). They offer many rare, heirloom and unusual varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other vegetables as well as herbs and flowers in their online catalogue. Two hundred varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

T&T Seeds Ltd.
“Early in the Arctic, first in your garden,” is the slogan at T&T Seeds. This family business supplies vegetable and flower seeds as well as bulbs, trees and a wide array of gardening products. They offer shrubs and trees suitable for shelterbelt planting such as green giant poplars, willows, caragana etc. and fruit trees from the Prairies, including Saskatchewan hardy cherries, Saskatoons, grapes and currents. T&T does not sell any GMO products.


Terra Edibles
Terra Edibles, a small Ontario-based company, offers hundreds of varieties of heirloom tomatoes, beans and other popular vegetables, all organically grown. Order online or by mail.

Tourne-Sol?Cooperative Farm
Eleven years ago five young farmers met while studying agriculture at university. Their common interests in good food, social justice and the environment spawned Tourne-Sol cooperative farm in the fall of 2004. Their catalogue includes vegetable, flower, herb and cover crop seed: all open pollinated, certified organic and grown or trialed on the Tourne-Sol farm.

Two Wings Farm
Two Wings Farm carries a selection of certified organic heirloom vegetable seed, all grown on Two Wings Farm and tailored to the bio-region. The owners are retiring but will sell the seeds they have on hand.

Upper Canada Seeds
This little seed house is all about tomatoes: over 150 varieties. All are organically grown and most are heirlooms. No hybrid, chemically treated or genetically modified seed. No shipping or handling charges. Find information on everyday life at the seed house as well as tips on tomato growing on the website.

Vitalis Organic Seeds & Enza Zaden USA, Inc.
In Canada, Vitalis seeds are distributed through several smaller seed companies. Click at the website to see a list for your region. Vitalis, founded in 1994 in the Netherlands, entered the Canadian market in 2007 and supplies organic vegetable and herb seed. All varieties are developed without the use of genetic engineering and are regionally adapted and certified organic for the EU, U.S. and Canada.

Veseys Seeds Ltd.
Veseys is Canada’s largest mail-order gardening company. This Island seed house publishes three catalogues per year. It all began over 75 years ago when Arthur Vesey, with a background in market gardening and a desire to find seeds that would flourish in the cool and short growing season of Atlantic Canada, started saving his own best seed. He published his first catalogue in 1943.

West Coast Seeds
This B.C. seed house sells a wide variety of certified organic, untreated, open pollinated, heirloom and heritage seeds. This includes vegetables, herbs, flowers and flower bulbs. Gardeners are invited to visit their website for articles and instructions on organic gardening. Grower sizes are also available. Check out their free annual garden guide available in December/January.

William Dam Seeds
Maria and William Dam Sr. started this business in 1949 on the kitchen table of their rented farmhouse in Sarnia, Ontario. The first deliveries were made by bicycle. The first registered seed company in Canada to feature a line of certified organically grown seeds, Dam Seeds carries no chemically treated seeds.

Wylie Mycologicals Ltd.
Shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, cinnamon cap and many other woody specialty mushrooms are available in kit form from Wylie Mycologicals. These organic mushrooms grow blocks are shipped ready for indoor growing on your kitchen counter. Outdoor-only varieties can be ordered for spring planting. Commercial mushroom growers are invited to call for terms.

Yuko Horiuchi / Yuko’s?Open-Pollinated Seeds
From the Ottawa Valley, Yuko’s Open Pollinated Seeds offers root stock for horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke, hops and fruit trees and is also a source of open-pollinated seeds including many heirloom and oriental varieties. In 2009, Yuko travelled to Japan and brought back several Japanese varieties such as eggplant and cucumber to add to her inventory.