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Nov/Dec 2014


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 >> Vol. 11 Issue 6


2015 Seed Guide? –?Our biggest and best guide ever!

The tractor, the tragedy and legal history?By Shirley Byers How a will etched on a tractor fender set legal precedent.

Maximize your productivity??By Julie Stauffer 24 great tips for getting more out of your day.

All hail the fodder beet!?By Kim Langen Is the humble “scarcity root” set for a comeback?



Letters Alert readers correct us on a number of subjects.

News & Notes Litigious beekeepers, book review: Field Exercises, mood swings in spiders, dealing with weedy onions, buck (as in goat) rags.

Innovations DIY fence wire spooler, glove-drying rack

Q&A Some thoughts on transforming forest soils into fertile fields and gardens.

Equipment How to extend the life of batteries.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps? How to cut down on food waste in the kitchen.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club??By Dan Needles The father of invention.