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March/April 2014


MARCH/APRIL 2014 >> Vol. 11 Issue 2


Urban rooftop greenhouse production??By Rebeca Kuropatwa Taking greenhouse production to new heights.

Cold-pressed sunflower oil?By Amy Hogue Capturing an emerging niche market.

Strategies for dealing with perennial weeds??By Janet Wallace Tackling runners and rhizomes in your home or market garden.

Heirloom pumpkins?By Cary Rideout European and Asian heirloom pumpkins are changing the face of the patch.


Letters Story on fur trapping lacked environmental angle, was simply offensive.

Innovations Easy-to-clean bucket nest boxes, use for cardboard drums.

News & Notes Yolk colour as an indicator of food value; dealing with thieves in community gardens; book review: Eating on the Wild Side; the virus that hitches a ride on aphids; Prince William learns farm management; research proves playful pigs produce better pork.

Q&A If self-sufficiency is your goal, you may want to take note of these numbers.

At Pasture When raising cattle on pasture, the most important input is management.

Equipment Installing a tractor cab.

Recipes In praise of slow cookers.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club?By Dan Needles Oats knows corn?