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July/August 2014


July/August 2014 >> Vol. 11 Issue 4


Applying science to the?raw milk debate
By Jeffrey Carter It is a matter of risk versus benefit.

How to successfully grow?greenhouse tomatoes in the?summer
By Janet Wallace Expert advice to avoid disease and?increase yields.

Taking a walk on the wild side…?Can yield hidden treasures
By Tony Kryzanowski

Breaking Through the grass?ceiling
By Fiona Campbell Women are changing the face of?farming.

EDUCATION FEATURE?Compiled By Connie Duivenvoorden
A compendium of the best and most interesting?courses and conferences for small farmers

Jerusalem artichokes
By Helen Lammers-Helps What the heck are they, what?do you do with them and what do I need to know?before I grow them?



News & Notes Filthy caps spread?disease, going back to past to find flies?solutions, as climate changes so too?do grow zones, time to revisit organic?labels?, new research into animal?welfare, the growing market for duck?eggs, book review: Living Well with?Heritage Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks,?research notes.

Innovations Homemade chicken?feeder, pesky bear solutions.

Q&A What qualifies as legitimate farm?revenue, and what doesn’t.

At Pasture Understanding the?relationship between mineral?supplements and animal health.

Equipment What you need to know?about fire extinguishers.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps?Great summer salads.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper?Club By Dan Needles When it comes?to learning, watching isn’t the same as?doing.