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Sept/Oct 2013



Powerful Insecticide Goes on Trial
By Jeffrey Carter Seed companies in Ontario are offering farmers seeds not treated with neonicotinoids, a powerful compound that has been linked to bee deaths.

Versatile Farmer Brown
By Janet Wallace Lisa Brown mixes ideals with business savvy to keep her New Brunswick operation thriving.

Cutting the Buckwheat Field
By Cary Rideout On-farm logging in New Brunswick.

Growing Your Greens
By Fiona Campbell Microgreens offer producers a high-yielding, high-value crop.

More Canadian Apples!
By Amy Hogue A guide to planning and establishing a successful orchard.

On Good Footings
By Dan Kerr Sometimes it is better to save an old building rather than opt for a new replacement.


Letters Another education opportunity, clarifying tractor engine standards.

News & Notes Square fills a hole in farm market billing, USDA approves non GMO label; the Tibetans are coming!; book review: Building Soils Naturally; beware apple clearwing moth; on-farm diversity down.

Q&A Do rolled and crushed feed grains lose nutrition over time?

At Pasture By Ray Ford The potential loss of pasture diversity to GM alfalfa, more than concerns about technology, concern columnist and farmer Ray Ford.

Equipment By Dan Kerr Understanding sparkplugs.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps

Practical By Evelyn Gilmar How to get chickens to stop eating eggs.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles Reflections on the causes and consequences of livestock escapes.