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Nov/Dec 2013



Farming with heavy horses?For Stewart Fawdrey,horses are a key part of self-sufficiency.
By Vanessa Farnsworth?

Growing food at the top of the world ?In Inuvick, a converted ice rink is now the local veggie basket.
By Helena Katz?


Bad seed ?You’ve got a lot riding on a handful of seed. So what happens when it doesn’t deliver?
By Julie Stauffer 2014

Seed Buying Guide
Assembled by Shirley Byers Planning and dreaming next year’s fields and gardens.



News & Notes Clearcutting controversy cleaves rural Ontario, he blogs for flockers!, fish emulsion controls soilborne diseases, how earthworms survive drought, book review: Oxen: Their care, training and use, streamlining pesticide detection in veggies.

Q&A What you need to know about selling preserves?

At Pasture By Ray Ford It pays to know your electric fencing.

Equipment By Dan Kerr How not to treat a baler.

New products?Use an infrared thermometer to diagnose livestock ailments, robotic tractors are closer to the farm than you think.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps Roasted vegetables hit the spot when the temperature drops.

Practical By Evelyn Gilmar. Easy-to-make livestock water insulator.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles A lesson in roadside retail.