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January/February 2013



Making the most in micro
By Susan McIver?James and Julie Young are proving?that significant production is possible off of even a?small plot.

VARIETY TRIALS: Long keeping?tomatoes
By Kim Langen?Our tests prove that it is possible to?grow tomatoes that store well right into the heart?of a Canadian winter.

Understanding farm activism
By Shirley Byers?A guide to how activists lobby for?change (and what kinds of activism work and what?kinds don’t).

Wonderful barley
By Rhona McAdam?Domesticated 10,000 years?ago, barley is still the grain of choice for farmers,?processors and consumers.


Letters?Shabby journalism unusual in SFC,?seed guide no place to shill GM seeds, bigger?is not better.

News & Notes?Get ready for 3D?printed food, new book probes urban food?production, has farming dumbed-down the?human race?, dancing tractors, alien stink?bugs in ON, new box program supports?communities.

Q&A?Dealing with chickweed, easy ways to?extract posts.

At Pasture?Who gets to say that their?products are free range and who doesn’t.

Equipment?Handy tips to keep your chain?saw running smoothly and efficiently.

Recipes?Transforming freezer-burned beef?into a delicious stew.

Practical?Hay feeder for chickens.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club?By Dan Needles?What is time to a pig?