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November/December 2012



2013 Seed buying guide –?Planning for next year’s fields and gardens now!

The other kind of branding
By Kevin Sutton Why investing time and effort in crafting a public image can have big payoffs for small farmers.

Do you need a gun on your farm?
By Ray Ford Firearms are tools called on to deal with the three Ps: pests, predators and parting with livestock.

12-side labour of love
By Dan Needles A community comes together to preserve a?heritage barn.

Big on berries
By Helena Katz There are proven possibilities for berry production in Canada’s north.

Wilderness tree farm
By Clayton Petree Their passion is growing natural Christmas trees.

2013 Seed buying guide –?Planning for next year’s fields and gardens now!


News & Notes New heart-rate monitoring technology helps shepherds monitor flocks from afar, goats deal with pesky plant, further declines in bees populations, Jim Romahn sounds off at tasteless tomatoes, growing trays extend strawberry season, the human cost of livestock production.

Q&A Dealing with June bugs, how to use biochar.

At Pasture The many benefits of native grasses.?

Practical By Evelyn Gilmar Easy-to-build chicken feeder.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles Comfort food.