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May/June 2012


When farmers fight. . . .with each other
By Shirley Byers A guide to the causes of conflict.

Great greens
By Kim Langen A guide to leafy, mixed greens—mescluns & lettuces.

Understanding the feed tag
By Wayne Skelton Sometimes what is not stated on the tag can be as important as what is.

Managing the cold chain
By Treena Hein How to best freeze, store, transport and handle meat.

Breathe easy
By Courtney Denard Proven strategies for dealing with allergies on the farm.


News & Notes Growing world crops in Canada, program encourages planting of maples, quick test for food safety, four farmers who achieved profitability, funding for bison research.

Q&A Great ag apps for smart phones.?

At Pasture Subdivide pastures for better grazing.

Practical How to move farm buildings.

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles The hazards of too much information.