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March/April 2012


The changing face of tillage – New equipment aims to create a good seedbed while causing a minimum of damage to the soil.
By Jeffrey Carter

The power of 10 – Five ways to improve life on the farm by
at least 10 percent.
By Shirley Byers

An honest man and his honest flock – Karl Bowen has spent a lifetime working with Horned Dorset sheep.
By Jeffrey Carter

Is a winter subscription program for you? – Helps Three farms share their experiences.
By Helen Lammers

Heating farm buildings – New technologies and old standbys—
a look at safety, cost and more.
By Treena Hein


Letters Declaration of “successful” farms premature, affordable small combine idea too fanciful.
News & Notes What feathers say about chicken health, plants that welcome bacteria into cells, four farm trends, Chinese rainmakers, food safety dust-up.
Q&A Farmville explained, legality of using the term “organic”.
At Pasture A self-described “old-fashioned farmer” has some new ideas about grazing.
Recipes Using leftovers to create delicious pizza and soup.
Practical Sliders make even a heavy barn door manageable.
Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club By Dan Needles Our new columnist sets the stage for a thoughtful (and sometimes comedic) exploration of food and the people who produce it.