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July/August 2012



Purchased for zero dollars an acre
By Kevin Sutton How one innovative land deal pays off for both parties.

Education special! –?A compendium of great courses & conferences
Complied by Connie Duivenvoorden From goat school to sustainability—and everything farm-related inbetween.

Open-pollinated corn?By Jeffey Carter Is looking to the past a good option for the future of corn?


News & Notes Ag census highlights; the fuss over non-browning GM apples; adios, enviropig; probiotics and chicken gut health; growing snails, what ails bats, Uzbek professionals paid in. . . poultry!

At Pasture Four steps to better pasture.

Q&A A realistic assessment of biochar and Canadian farms.

Recipes How to make your own pet food.

Farm crossword Cow chow, in four letters

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club??By Dan Needles In search of the white egg.