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Jan/Feb 2012


When chickens come home to roost
By Heather Walker 10 tips for healthy hen housing.

Betwixt land & sea
By Jeffrey Carter To farm in Acadia you must be heroically adaptable.

There’s gold in them hills!
By Kim Langen Small Farm Canada’s own variety trial reveal the best spuds!

Battle of the bugs benefits plants
By Keith Norbury BC firm supplies biological pest controls to farmers seeking alternatives to sprays.


Letters Chicken factoids + weed-eating cattle.

News & Notes Hair extensions pluck feathers from chickens, flyfishers; can Atlantic Canada’s wool waste warm houses?; Ontario’s crackdown on barn parties; here comes Peak Phosphorus (and what you can do about it).

Q&A Seeking biodegradable mulch, field peas as possible chicken feed.

At Pasture Why people are part of Manitoba’s serious grass advantage.

Practical Shipping containers make useful farm shelters.

Harper government ushers in national long pig registry
By Al Pope Feds ignore this basic truth: pigs don’t kill people, people kill people!