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Sept/Oct 2011


On the front lines of both alternative energy production and alternative energy consumption, farmers need to know what lies ahead for new technologies

Head to Tail By Mark Hall
Butchering to get the most from your beef

BC’s mobile bottler By Brennan Clarke
Unique plant helps keep costs down for small vineyards

Swarm! By Amy Hogue
How to catch a swarm of honey bees

What the pig knows By Shirley Byers
Jeff Wickstrom has picked up the tradition of spleen reading from his celebrated uncle

Night feeding for day calving By Shirley Byers
Help prevent early-hours birthing by feeding the herd later

Good news for small farmers! By Stan Potratz
Boomer driven trends will increasingly favour local, healthy products.

Letters Volunteer farm labour an indication of unsustainability; hey, SFC, get off the fence!
News & Notes Here comes in vitro meat, dandelions = rubber tires, nasty energy juggernaut rolling over Canadian farmland, less waste could equal more food
Q&A The truth about worm fractions, how to prevent tools from rusting
At Pasture Save $ in fertilizer by calibrating your manure spreader
Practical: Installing a tractor tool box and safety sign Easy afternoon project pays off in convenience