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Nov/Dec 2011


Unleashing the power of agricultural soils By Jeffrey Carter

In praise of food festivals By Treena Hein

2012 seed buying guide, Get ready for next year’s crops and garden now!

Seeds: selecting the right varieties and quantities By Shirley Byers

Seeds: are variety trials for you? By Shirley Byers

Seeds: what’s hot and what’s not in 2012 By Shirley Byers

Dealing with wireworms By Rhona McAdam


News & Notes Honing the fine art of selling food, what’s up with Monsanto’s falling GM corn?, conquering the codling moth, GST & small farm producers.

Q&A Your five top chicken questions answered!

At Pasture Teach livestock to eat weeds.

Practical: DIY grain storage bin Easy afternoon project keeps rats out of feed.

When is food not food? By Martha McMahon Here’s an example of why farmers need to help write new regulations for food and farming.