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May/June 2011


Quiz: Is farming for you?
By Shirley Byers Take our test and see if you are suited to life on the land

Big blue
By Daina Lawrence Selling the great taste & benefits of blueberries


To WWOOF or not to WWOOF
By Colleen Nyman Four farms with experience in volunteer labour speak about the pros & cons of taking in help

Is it legal?
By Shirley Byers A province-by-province survey of regulations covering volunteer farm workers

The volunteer’s perspective
By Maurizio Corradin One foreign visitor’s thoughts on his Canadian farm experience

Accidental farmers
By Shirley Byers What happens if a volunteer has an accident on your farm?

By Fiona Hamersley Chambers How to get the most out of your volunteer farm workers (and make sure they have a good time too!)

Instant orchards
By Steve Vassallo He’s developed a technique to move fully mature trees


Letters Suggested mastitis treatment “laughable,” livestock sales to farm newbies a concern

News & Notes International report touts potential of small farms, controversy over proximity of sheep & bison, essay: on bullshit and the Canadian Food and Drugs Act, feds watching for illegal farm workers, dandelions—the new cash crop?

Q&A Diagnosing tuckered out electric fencing units, the mysteries of eggs

At Pasture Farming as if songbirds matter

Practical: Build your own turf roller By Dan Kerr Project transforms scrap into a useful implement

Are we what we eat? By Shirley Byers Understanding the connection between livestock feed and meat