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March/April 2011


Design it & they will come
By Colleen Kimmett Software engineer turned market gardener develops unique (and free!) computer program

DIY veterinary care
By Diana Daunheimer With the right supplies, knowledge of the affliction at hand–and sometimes guts of steels—you can treat an infirm animal on-farm

The truth about moon-assisted planting
By Kim Langen Our intrepid researcher tests claims about the benefits of planting by the moon’s cycles

Making the most of your soil block maker
By Brock McLeod Tips for using this amazing tool

Prime pollinators
By Rhona McAdam There are more than just honeybees in the fields

All about hugelbeets!
By Mark Hall Unique raised bed mimics natural processes

Go for it!
By Becky Mason Charge what you really believe your produce to be worth


News & Notes How to do a food recall right!, trans-provincial quilting project, Google tracks farm word usage, 10 potential new ventures for your farm, Will Allen’s powerful urban ag message.

Practical By Susan Coleman Tying safe & secure loads
Small farm economics revisited By Stan Potratz
So-called inefficiencies in small farms may actually be good for community and country