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Jan/Feb 2011


Memoir: The Maple Syrup Runner
By Cary Rideout A magical mix leads to an adventure in rural entrepreneurship

Meet marketing savvy Mark & Cindy Gerber
By Helen Lammers-Helps While other direct-marketers have struggled, Oakridge Acres Meat Store has found a way to thrive

Model Laval?
By Suzanne Deutsch Surrounded by development, the island of Laval retains its agricultural heart

Scaling up
By Treena Hein Avoid pitfalls and maximize profit as you expand your herd or flock

Diversify with mother nature
By Shirley Byers Would wildcrafting fit in with your small farm?

Green chickens
By Ruth McCuaig Use poultry to improve soil quality


Letters Finding merit in genetic modification, clarifying definitions of ethnicity, troubles with farm market pricing
News & Notes Update: backyard chicken battleground Welwyn, SK!, promising new variety of apple, are Prairie crop problems an indicator of future climate-related challenges?, CFIA response needs upgrading
At Pasture Getting over the fear of grazing alfalfa
Practical DIY boot & sock dryer!
Using social media to build your farm business
By Heather Walker A quick guide to “Tweeting” from the fields!