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Sept./Oct. 2010


The energy game
By Steven Biggs Finding synergies between energy systems sounds great in?theory, but there are challenges to making it work at the farm scale

Ask a vet. . . or two or three!
By Madeline Baerg How to get the most from your veterinarian

Thinking about the cost of saving energy
By Steven Biggs Close tracking of production lead David Cohlmeyer to?abandon an innovative energy-wise project

Building a solar powered chicken coop
By Becky Mason A super cool project but. . . the technical considerations?are significant

Is it time to consider commercial meat?goat production?
By Walter Coombs Sound advice from an experienced breeder

Frontier honey
By Helena Katz Talk about rarefied company: Daniel Allaire is the?Northwest Territories’ only beekeeper!

Letters Doubting the benefits of machines, beware get-big ag attitude

News & Notes Good guys win dump battle, get on board new market for ethnic veggies, high horsepower mobile farm market, Ont. backtracks on solar power

At Pasture Drug resistant parasites are an emerging challenge in Canada, and a major threat to livestock on grass

Practical Free plans for firewood cross hatch

Pick-your-own makes a comeback Direct farm marketing expert Brent Warner explains why PYOs are thriving