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Nov./Dec. 2010


By Helen Lammers-Helps Eliot Coleman discusses the details of year-round gardening

Animal welfare approved!
By Jordan Marr Quebec farm becomes the first to qualify for U.S.-based certification

Good things come in small packages—take a closer look at quail
By Amy Hogue Anyone who enjoys raising chickens needs to consider this fascinating breed of game bird—the diminutive quail

2011 seed buying guide
Get ready for next year’s crops and gardens

Understanding the seed business
By Emily McGiffin More farms are getting into seed production. Is it a venture for you?

Understanding the new vegetable traceability rules
By Treena Hein Producers need to know how new rules will affect their farms

Letters Ag-washing, and other strong thoughts on the proper relationship between farm produce and crafts at farm markets

News & Notes Ontario ups price paid for solar-generated power, the legacy of the Pigeon King, revisiting risk management subsidies

At Pasture Pollinators, including bees, bumble bees and leaf-cutter bees, aren’t merely part of the scenery; they are a key link in food production

Equipment When it comes to preparing machinery for winter storage, oil, grease and an old can might be your best friends

Practical Four great farm ideas gleaned from a continent-wide farm tour!

A different kind of co-op
By Lana Rodlie Norwegian farmers partnered to give each other time off. Here’s how they did it