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March/April 2010


King corn
By Kim Langen The best, earliest and most interesting varieties, based on results from Small Farm Canada’s own trials

Raising hackles
By Shirley Byers The strange & secretive world of producing feathers for the fly fishing market.

Talking shiitakes
By Julie Stauffer Three takes—and a lot of tips—on raising lucrative specialty mushrooms

Getting onto the land
By Treena Hein Don’t have a fortune to buy farmland? Don’t let that hold back your dreams. There are ways (and organizations) that can help anyone get started.

Lavender ladies
By Helen Lammers-Helps It isn’t Avon calling, it’s an innovative way to sell farm-produced products!


Letters Animal transport issues, gas tractors overrated, up with backyard flocks, heirloom definition clarified.
News & Notes Local, supermarket prices closer than thought, new thyme-based disinfectant, Chantecler registry, fruit liquors’ potential, farm safety=cash in the pocket!
At Pasture Allan Nation’s limitless passion for grass farming
Equipment Tips on buying used diesel tractors
Practical: Easy-to-build raised beds By Helen Lammers-Helps
Crossword Test your knowledge of farm-related words