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July/August 2010


Right of way
By Treena Hein Knowing the regulations and using these tips will help make a
livestock drive go smoothly

Playing by the new rules
By Treena Hein Tighter, tougher rules mean farmers need a better
understanding of food handling & inspection

Education Special
Assembled by Connie Duivenvoorden A comprehensive listing of the very best
information sources, distance & in-class courses for small farmers!

The 7th generation farmer
By Suzanne Deutsch Sheep offer the greatest hope to keep this family farm

Making Snyders Family Farm
By Helen Lammers-Helps Getting the word out using Twitter and other social
media, then delivering on the promise of a great experience, is the formula at
this successful Ont. farm

Keeping the art of food preservation alive
By Helen Lammers-Helps The Kitchener museum is a resource of old skills


Letters Thoughts on cooperative farming

News & Notes The legal appeals of raw milk, prize-winning small farms; efficiency, aquaponically speaking; wooly coffins; fibre research; fighting GM crops; new biopesticides

At Pasture Smart farmers are using brains instead of brawn to
get water to livestock

Equipment Small repair jobs can save $

Opinion This small farmer rejects the “get big or get out”