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Jan/feb 2010


Après oil
By Rhona McAdam How will we farm when the fuel runs out?

Rambles with goats
By Kim Langen A Manitoba family combines tourism with goats
to create a unique farm experience.

Opportunity knocks!
By Treena Hein 11 great on-farm business ideas!

Raising rabbits for meat
By Amy Hogue Pound for pound, rabbit meat provides more
protein than beef, pork or lamb, all at a cost comparable with beef.
And there’s a good market for it!

Livestock protection methods
By Eugene Fytche Options range from guardian dogs to electric
fencing to . . . a loaded rifle!


Letters Defending local food,
questioning bio-fuel, understanding
predator control.

News & Notes Are hospitals the
next market for local food?; livestock
transportation regulations up for review;
small farmers do get respect; fertilizers,
pests linked in UK crop research;
Ontario aims for smoke-free tractors;
hardy Sea buckthorn may be a viable
niche crop; one British farmer’s notion
to make mega-bucks in unique nonfarming

At Pasture Where’s your next great
idea coming from?

Equipment The pros & cons of gas

Practical: A poultry palace
By Kristeva Dowling This purpose-built
barn is a model of practicality (and it
looks good too!)