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Jan/feb 2010 – Calling all inventors

Calling all inventors
Six ideas that could change the world of
farming (or at least keep farm couples happier).

Device: GPS traceable tool beacon.
How it works: electronic beacon magnetically attaches to crowbars,
large wrenches, etc., sends out locating signal to a GPS locator unit.
Purpose: easily locate lost tools, saving hundreds of dollars annually
on mower blades, baler shear pins etc. Possible utility in keeping track
of teenage daughter/step daughters.

Device: retractable treads on rubber boots.
How it works: in the same way aircraft landing gear retracts, the
treads would pull into the sole, leaving a smooth, cleanable surface.
Purpose: reduce livestock fecal matter in living room, kitchen,
refrigerator, cheese drawer, master bedroom etc. Ancillary benefit:
improved spousal harmony.

Device: egg-shaped truck tires.
How it works: elliptical-shape keeps vehicle from rolling.
Purpose: to keep farm trucks lacking in functional parking brakes
from rolling when you get out to open or shut a gate. Current system,
dependent on vehicles with approximately round tires, involves
chasing rolling truck or being chased by rolling truck.

Device: warm air duct for open station (cab-less) tractors.
How it works: a hose or pipe would deliver warm engine air up your
pant leg.
Purpose: increased operator happiness, less time wasted warming up
at the coffee shop, more productivity.

Device: solar-powered headlight hat.
How it works: fibrous solar panels charge batteries that power LED
Purpose: environmentally friendly lights help illuminate barn,
equipment at night. Ancillary benefit: good for walking home from
the neighbours’ after researching malting barley products.

Device: built-in vacuum cleaner for trucks.
How it works: um, like any other vacuum cleaner?
Purpose: removes dirt, dirt-like matter etc. before it gets ground
in to truck floorboards or tracked into the house (see fecal matter
points, spousal happiness, above).