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Sept/Oct 2009


Kohl’s Laws By Shirley Byers
The “new corvette rule” and nine other intriguing directives to help you be a better farmer.

Scaling Up By Treena Hein
Consider all the factors before expanding your farm.

Is It Time to Join the Alternative Energy Revolution?
By Steven Biggs Straight talk about options to power the small farm.

12 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs By Helen Lammers-Helps
Simple steps to reduce energy consumption.

Bolivia’s Alpaca Valley By Alison Rustand
In this high, dry country, alpacas and llamas make a hard land inhabitable.

Columns and Departments

News & Notes – A future for growth carousels; Wendell Berry speaks out; plant patents help big ag handcuff researchers; how climate change is affecting evolution; Feds slam door on jail farms; Britney finds solace in growing.
Equipment – A flat tire in the frenzy of harvest season can be a catastrophe.
At Pasture – Trees and pasture—horrors! Silvopasture turns traditional notions of pasture management upside down.
Home Economics Grow your own sprouts.
Practical They can’t be defeated, but rodents can be controlled with a multifaceted trapping program.