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Nov/Dec 2009


Val-éo Co-opérative finds a new way
By Steven Biggs A rural wind energy co-operative in Quebec
brings together farmers and local residents to jointly manage and
develop wind resources.

An Affinity for Seed
By Emily McGiffin Though still in his teens, the founder of Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds is already a recognized producer.

Understanding Heirloom Veggie Varieties
By Helen Lammers-Helps Good for biological diversity, great to eat—so let’s grow more heirloom vegetables!

2010 Seed Buyers Guide

A comprehensive listing of sources for seed.

Thinking about opportunity costs
By Becky Mason A measure of sustainable development for a farm’s


News & Notes The great Manitoba
spud controversy; pluots: the next fruit
sensation?; industrial agriculture linked
to greenhouse gases; new science puts
organic egg claims to test; open letter
from Jim Romahn to local farmers; high
hopes for new Nova Scotia slaughterhouse.

Equipment With the right tools you
can have your own tire shop in your

At Pasture The ABCs of pasturing pigs.

Practical: Easy-to-build implement dolly By Dan Kerr
Double bonus: store implements more efficiently and saves your back!