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Seven tips for CSA success By Julie Stauffer
Four farmers from across the country share their?best tips on marketing.

Choose the right guardian animal for your farm By Amy Hogue
Type of livestock, field size, are among the factors to?consider before you buy a guardian animal.

Getting the most from manure By Helen Lammers-Helps
High fertilizer costs mean there’s big?value in that pile.

Healthy chickens, great eggs
Understand poultry nutrition to ensure that your hens get what they need.

Wonderful Kerry cattle By Jeffrey Carter
Much more than a lawn ornament, this small breed may be ideal for small farms looking to serve niche markets.

A prairie forest legacy By Barb Parchman
Bill Bryan is keeping “the tree man’s” remarkable dream alive.

Sustainable Speerville By Emily McGiffin
Maritime community quietly leads the way in
providing healthy, local foods.


News & Notes Vegans: drop your weapons; disease consequences of high-density cropping; backyard poultry movement meets its Waterloo; the painful truth about large eggs; new renewable energy co-op; Guelph organic program on life support; understanding the new national organic standards.
At Pasture How to troubleshoot electric fences.
Equipment An easy-to-follow guide to extending battery life.
Market Trends Why tough economic times are good for local food production.
Practical Make your own cheese, make your own cheese press!
Weather Map What to expect in the next two months.