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Sept/Oct 2008


Who Are You Going to Call? Farm Sitters, of Course! By Shirley Byers
A win-win for farmers to get a holiday and still be confident that livestock is tended.

Harnessing Nature’s Power on the Farm By Helen Lammers-Helps
As controversial energy costs increase solar and wind powered systems offer viable alternatives.

Flowerhill Farm: Powered by the Sun & Wind By Helen Lammers-Helps
A retirement project has turned into an award-winning demonstration of alternative energy.

Making the High-Tech Local Food Connection By Treena Hein
Internet-based cooperatives put more money in farmer’s pockets.

Fantasy Island Produce By Emily McGiffin
An innovative greenhouse operator coaxes good yields from a harsh climate.

Beyond Jam By Robin Tunnicliffe, Martha McMahon and Alison Eagle
Understanding the difference between value added and value retention may be crucial for the future of your farm.


News & Notes – Feed price review corrected, the fallout from the Pigeon King collapse, Feds shot bad news messenger, omnibores defined, farming’s virtual future, food mile efficiency, farmer delivery vs. customer pick-up.
At Pasture – Bold predictions (& some sound ideas) from free-thinking farmer/fencing co. owner Stan Poratz.
Equipment – A new weapon in the mechanic’s arsenal helps free seized engines.
Market Trends – Taking farmer’s markets to the next level.
Practical – Feed cart, self-feeder for sheep, picnic table.
Home Economics – Great recipes for roast duck and for pumpkin soup.