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May/June 2008


Futurefarm By Jim Romahn
Biomaterial researcher puts new meaning to the term “bumper crop”.

Are Hops Suitable for Your Farm? By Connie Proteau
With prices at all-time highs, hops look like an excellent market for small farmers.

Getting Into Grapes By Susan McIver
Growing grapes for commercial wine production can be fascinating – and challenging.

Livestock & Water By Greg Lardy & Charles Stoltenow
Water is an important but often overlooked nutrient for livestock.

Is It Time to Test Organic Crops? By Mischa Popoff
A former organic inspector says it is time to test organic crops.


News & Notes – Barnyard Theatre; Pest-munching Pigs; Farm Apprentice Programs; Watershed Events in Conservation, Beyond Factory Farming; Artisan Cheese Information.
Equipment – Setting a steering box. Two fingers at a time.
Market Trends – Demystifying food miles.
At Pasture – A field guide to electric fending.
Practical By Pat Kerr – Easy-to-build water storage system.
Farmer’s Notes – Lamb jackets, egg factoids.
Home Economics: – Versatile ratatoullie, make-a-head tabouleh.