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March/April 2008


Bringing Back the Wheat Sheaf By Maribeth Fitts
With skill and a lot of patience, master-crafter Kim Turnbill is reintroducing an ancient art.

Making Your Own Yogurt & Kefir By Edna Manning
Homemade, healthy and good! What more could you ask for in a food?

Getting in the Game By Julie Stauffer
Raising game birds isn’t simple. But some producers have carved out a lucrative niche.

Introduction to Shelling Beans By Kim Langen
A comprehensive guide to varieties, preferred growing conditions and yields.

One Potato, Two Potato By Shirley Byers
Here’s how to grow, harvest and store a true food staple.

Fair & Fowl Researched By Sean McGivern
A thorough, and startling, province-by-province survey of egg and meat-bird allowances in Canada.


News & Notes Battling Lists in Food Trends; Eco-Kosher Defined; Fabric-Softener May Keep Deer Away; Ruling-Busting Joel Salatin Speaks Out!; New Canadian Apple Variety; Sheepish History.
Equipment Monkeywrenching With the Right Mindset.
Market Trends Predictions about the demise of local food are dead wrong.
At Pasture Global warming or global weirding? Either way, climate change is creating opportunities and responsibilities for grass farmers.
Practical Versatile, home-built, self-propelled weeding platform does everything but serve cold beer!
Home Economics Sturdy creamy cooker chicken for the big family with bigger appetites and less time; zesty parsnip soup.