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July/August 2008


Right Idea, Wrong Crop By Donna Fawcett
Corn-based bio-fuel may not be the best way to offset fossil fuels.

You Sexing Thing By Shirley Byers
Sexing chickens & rabbits is not difficult if you know how to go about it.

Teachin’ Time By Connie Duivenvoorden
A comprehensive listing of the very best information sources, distance & in-class courses for small farmers.


Letters – Bean there, done that; Bread cures onion tears.
News & Notes – Canadian Agriculture Gets Its Two Cents Worth – And Not Much More!; Butternut Revival; Study: People Drive Rural Economies; Survey: Livestock Feed Prices; Innovative Program for New Farmers
Farm Ledger – Beware mythology of wages for the casual labourer.
At Pasture – Is it time to reconsider the viability of clipping?
Market Trends – Time is running out to develop workable support for local food.
Practical – Easy to build barrel composter, By Pat Kerr
Home Economics – DIY Honey Vanilla ice cream (OMG!) By Edna Manning
Far Afield – Realities of farming in Sierra Leone put Canadian challenges in perspective By Emily McGriffin