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Jan/Feb 2008


Good Hatches
By Katie Thear A good broody hen may do all the work of incubating and hatching, but many poultry keepers rely on an incubator to do the job for them.

Uninvited Guests
By Tom Riddolls All you need to know (and maybe more) about food poisoning and the country kitchen.

Fearless Forayers
By Julie Stauffer For Ontario-based Saugeen Specialty Grains, trial and error is all part of developing high-quality, high-value products.

Grains for the Garden
By Dan Jason Don’t have a quarter section of land to raise grain? Don’t give up! Grains grown on a small scale can yield excellent results.

Profitable Soybeans!
By Suzanne Deutsch A Quebec producer finds that non-GM, IP soybeans are worth the effort.

This Heritage Mill Rolls!
By Jeffrey Carter Keeping a milling tradition alive, one pound of fine flour at a time.

Management Tips from the Co-op
By Violaine Mitchell Disturbing similarities between barnyard and boardroom.


Letters Measure Field Size Without Tape, How to Help Farmers?
News & Notes Tiny Malawi Says ”Up Yours” to the World Bank, Kill-It-Yourself Meat Defined, Animal Welfare Moves to the Fore.
Equipment Lubrication and adjustments are key to avoiding bearing failure.
Farm Ledger How to attach value to labour, ingredients and expertise.
At Pasture The dos and don’ts of frost seeding.
Farm Trends Farmers face commercial tax rates on products they cannot count as farm income. How unfair!
Practical You don’t need a building permit for this tidy shelter.
Home Economics Delicious wheat berry salad and a wonderful baked bean dish are both sure to please!