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Sept/Oct 2007


A Small Farmer with Big Dreams
By Suzanne Deutsch. Photos by Lorne McClinton Passion – talent propelled Quebec farmer Eric Proulx to the front ranks of small-scale cheesemaking.

How to Profit from Alternative Energy
By Ian McInnes? Jim Romahn & Small Farm Canada staff. A guide to new technology – including sources for wind, solar, wood and biofuels on both large and small scale.

Pasture Management
Put multi-species grazing to work for you!


Letters The Importance of Good Eggs, Manure Variation.
News & Notes Emerging Alpaca Fibre Co-op, Here
Comes Vertical Farming, Made-in-Canada Grasshopper Control, Vanishing Rootstock Supplies, Golden Straw, Alarming Truth About Livestock Transportation.
Farm Ledger Understanding How All the Pieces of a Farm Fit Together is Key to Understanding the Big Picture.
Equipment Don’t Go Nuts Over Cross-threaded Bolts.
Market Trends Oppressive Food Processing Regulations are Snuffing Local Food Production.
At Pasture Although Complicated to Manage, Multi-Species Grazing Does Have Remarkable Benefits.
Practical A Simple Guest Cabin, How to Sharpen Tools
Farmers’ Notes Watermelon Test, Determining How Many Acres in a Field
Farm Crossword Great for a lazy after_____!