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May/June 2007


Adopt-A-Pig? Save-A-Farm By Paul Schneidereit A Nova Scotia pig producer launches an innovative program that connects the farm with customers.

Adding Value By Julie Stauffer Successful farmers offer advice on organic cash cropping

Risky Business By Treena Hein The chance of injury is high on owner-operated farms. Here’s why and how you can make your farm safer.

Let’s Make Hay By Ray Ford A guide to making & storing quality forage.

On-Farm Entertainment: Risk & Rewards By Maribeth Fitts Agri-tourism can be a great way to add to farm income. But beware the costs.


Letters Cattle Handling Theory Challenged? More Bee Troubles
News & Notes Revolution in Rainy River? Pressure-Treated Lumber Alert? Healthy Heartnuts? Tips for Surviving Sleepless Nights in Seeding Season
Farm Trends There’s an Important Difference Between Greenspace and Farmland
Equipment How to Size the Right Bearings for Equipment
Practical Handy Workbench? Portable Tool Cabinet