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March/April 2007


Farming on the Fringe By Don Genova
Survival Strategies for Farms at the Rural/Urban Interface

Going Once By Scott Garvey
Insider Tips for getting the best value at farm auctions

Paid to Preserve By Laura Rance
An innovative program pays farmers to leave wetlands for wildlife

Button Your Lip By Jon M Watts
Research is revealing some interesting information about noises that scare cattle

The ABCs of Producing Delicious Strawberries By Edna Manning
Easy-to-follow guidelines for excellent strawberry production

Versatile Goats By Jeffrey Carter
Whether they are raised for meat? fibre or dairy? goats are a viable option for small farms


Letters Cattle Not Culprits in Global Warming? Beware New Bees
News & Note Red-Hot Raw Milk Debate? UBC’s Kenya Goat Project? Deflate Implement Tire Pressure and Save $!? Small Engine Repair Course
At Pasture Graze Early? Graze Often
Equipment Special Tools Make Equipment Repair a Cinch
Practical Poultry Green Feeder? Barn Plan