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July/August 2007


Under the Thumb By Jim Romahn
If a controversial new program proceeds, governments are going to be looking at your farm closely – very closely

Growing Biodynamically By Peter Van Dongen
Vancouver Island farmers John and Katy Ehrlich are keen practitioners of a unique integrated growing method.

Education Special (33 Ways) Assembled by Connie Duivenvoorden
From agritourism to shepherding, this is the most comprehensive listing of distance & in-class courses available.

Farm Profile: Fraser Family Farm By Kim Langen
A conventional farm in Manitoba operates a small but vibrant agritourism operation.


Letters – Raw Milk Needs Regulation, Beware These Farm hazards, In Defense of Freegans.
News & Notes – Time to Mount the Carbon Credit Bandwagon?, Cookie/Carrot Calorie Calculation, Fake Farmers Get Boot from Markets, Q&A on New Mobile Abattoir, Wikiseedia Explained.
Farm Trends – Youth Obesity = Super=Sized Opportunities for Small Farmers
Equipment – Use Eyes & Hands to Tell if a Bearing is Ailing
At Pasture – Pee-Yew! A Close-up and Informative Look at Dung & the Creatures that Love It!
Practical – Easy-to-Build Outhouse, Estimating Tree Height, DIY Poultry Post Mortem.