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Jan/Feb 2007


Eats? Shoots and Leaves By Don Genova
Leafy greens may be the market gardener’s best friend in 2007.

Best Beef By Wayne Skelton
10 great tips from a veteran cattle consultant and small farmer.

A New Farm System
$50,000 from half an acre? You bet? says Wally Satzewich.

Up With Hemp By Treena Hein
With good prices and market expansion at hand? hemp is rapidly gaining ground among Canada’s small farmers.


Letters Lousy Way to Start a Tractor? Farm Names
News & Note Garlic’s odd odds? ELR defined? Andrew Nikiforuk’s new book reviewed? Bear Aware course? Ballad of the Bad Gut? Farmer’s Friends Win Big.
Farm Ledger Separate revenue streams to better understand your farm business.
At Pasture Don’t Strip Mine the Sward.
Equipment Eliminate implement shaking by properly matching angles on PTO drive shafts.
Practical Egg nest boxes? mobile shed.