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Nov/Dec 2006


Beware Thin Cows By Barry Yaremicio
If you are heading into winter with cattle in poor condition you could be in trouble.

Beginning With Bison By Amy Jo Ehman
A Saskatchewan family enjoys bison on the hoof and on the plate.

Seed Guide 2007 By Ian McInnes
Get ready for next year’s crops and garden now.

Striking a Balance By Tony MacQuail
Tony and Fran McQuail have found roles for horses and tractors on their small farm in Ontario.


News & Notes Farm sign broughaha? Russian bees? advice to beef marketers? organic update? cheese-making workshop.
Market Trends Contaminated spinach has once again brought home the foolhardy nature of our food system.
At Pasture Work with a horse’s natural grazing habits to get the most from your pasture.
Equipment The ABC’s of PTOs.
Practical A handy saltbox? elevated sawdust bin.
Farmers’ Notes Uses for horseshoes? saw horse extensions.