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bóng đá trực tuyến Mar/Apr 2006


Pipe Dreams By Katherine Gordon
A New Zealand couple harness water power to help achieve energy independence for their small farm.

Tractor Time By Ray Ford
For many small farmers? a tractor will be their biggest and most important purchase. Here’s a guide through the factors to consider before laying out the cash.

Hazelridge Farm By Amy Jo Ehman
Growing alfalfa sprouts was once a sideline to Jim and Maggie Mumm’s back-to-the-land lifestyle. Now their thriving sprout business is the biggest in North America.

Strange Bedfellows By Mike Spear
A Hassle-Free Way of Introducing Horses & Alpacas.


News & Notes – New era for sheep milk? direct marketer’s revenge? Christmas strawberries? green pigs? the promise & perils of mobile abattoirs
At Pasture – The trick of pasture management is to find the Goldilocks point – the “just right” level of plant growth that combines high nutrient levels with abundant yield
Practical – A versatile implement? discs can be used for cultivating or plowing
Equipment Shed – Portable fireweed processor? long-wear coating for shear bars? a serious front mount mower to tackle big lawns