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July/Aug 2006


A Moving Experience By Dr A L Schaefer
Our understanding of the affects of transport-related stress on animal health and carcass quality has come a long way since the days of “move’em up and move ’em out”.

Keep Them to Eat Them & Eat Them to Keep Them By Ted Lawrence and Liz Mackenzie
A bold new approach to preserving rare breed livestock and their wealth of genetic diversity.

Small Farm Education Assembled by Connie Duivenvoorden
From saddlemaking to vegetable growing? here’s the most comprehensive listing in Canada of education courses for small farmers.

Polar Pork By John Thompson
In Canada’s eastern Arctic? one pot-bellied porker ventures where none has gone before.


Letters – Halter heresay? fossil fools & asses? beware lawnage
News & Notes – Land Pooling wind power revenues? Camelbert cheese?? hope for bees? new alpaca organization? “foodshed” defined
Market Trends – New farmers are thinking diversity
At Pasture – Good management depends on a farmer’s willingness to pull livestock off grass while the grazing is still good
Practical – An easy-to-build and economical poultry house; two designs for incinerators