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Sept/Oct 2005


Beware the Bottle-Fed Male Orphan By Joseph M Stookey
Essential information on why the cuddliest pet can become a dangerous threat.

Nine Classic Farm Myths By Shirley Byers
Do goats make good companions for horses? Will feeding cattle in the evening result in daytime calving? Our writer tackled nine classic farm myths to discover what’s true and what’s not.

Rural Renewable Energy Primer By Julie Stauffer
There’s no arguing that harnessing wind or sun for energy is appealing. But before jumping off the nation’s electrical grid small farmers need to ask themselves questions about cost? power requirements? and their willingness to work with different technologies.


News & Notes – Fighting flies with quack science? mulesing defined? DIY seed storing envelopes? training livestock weed-eaters? a model for small farm promotion
Farm Ledger – Find out how a revised financial plan helped keep one small farm couple on the land
Equipment – Bottle jacks? post jacks and proper blocks are all part of the kit needed on small farms for heavy lifting jobs
Practical – An easy-to-follow plan for a livestock gate
Farmers Notes – A prototype willow barrier for streams? a super-easy DIY anti-roosting device? chirping thermometers
Map – Where’s the Beef? A chart of meaty Canadian place names