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March/April 2005


Fighting Late Season Frost By Kate Merlin
Think you know the temperature at which water freezes? Think again. Scientists have made some remarkable discoveries in their effort to help farmers fight early season frost damage.

Spleen Reader By Shirley Byers Lalonde
Saskatchewan’s Gus Wickstrom is the inheritor of an ancient Nordic skill. He claims a 90-95 percent accuracy predicting the weather based on what he sees in pig spleens.

Who Owns Seed? By Katrina Simmons
Ontario market farmer Ann Slater is concerned that farmers’ interests were not taken into account in recent seed patent discussions.

Alberta’s Alpaca Focus
The provincial government and producers have teamed to transform the alpaca fibre business? until recently a cottage industry? into an international force in world fibre markets.

Grease! By Keith Berglind
The ins and outs of a slippery subject.

Getting More From Sheep By Fran Wallis
Penny and Brian Cross’s relentless focus on making money off their flock of East Friesland sheep has seen them realize nearly 80 percent of their annual income within just five years of getting into business.


News & Notes – Farmer’s Dictionary? pesticides and menstrual cycles? the many and mind-boggling uses of sheep? a simple soil test? Reading Room
Events – Setting your spring schedule
Farm Ledger – Canada Revenue Agency’s weird rules on farm losses
Practical – Outsmart beavers with an easy-to-make baffler
Far Afield – New Zealand’s small farmers invoke an ancient spirit in the fight to keep genetically modified organisms off their ancestral land