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July/Aug 2005


Getting Good Measure By Keith Berglind
A marvel of simplicity and accuracy? the vernier calliper is an essential part of the small farm workshop.

The Master and His Bees By Jennifer Gardy
Mark Winston doesn’t mind if you call him “bee brain” – in fact? he’d be flattered. Winston? better known in the apian community as “The Bee Man” is quick to point out that for something with a brain the size of a pinhead? the bee is a remarkably complex creature with a wide range of behaviours.

Special Report: Education Research Connie Buivenvoorden & Small Farm Canada staff
From weed management to equine health? there are dozens of home-study? diploma and short courses of interest to farmers.


News & Notes – New farm publications? farm organization forgives overzealous SPCA? microchips to thwart alpaca smugglers? Ontario’s hail cannon: hocus-pocus or high-caliber science?
Farm Ledger – All was peaceful at Fred and Maxine’s new farm? until one day the phone rang. A GST auditor was on the line. “You have been selected for audit,” he stated. They were about to learn a hard lesson in tax rules
Farm Management – It’s no use growing good produce if customers can’t get to your farm stand to buy it. A refresher course on drawing traffic off the road and to the till
Practical – Clotheslines make more sense than ever
Farmers Notes – Horseback rider’s gate latch? protecting hens’water? an economical wind indicator
Far Afield – Ireland’s future may lie in integrated mixed farms that are scientifically managed so environmental costs are absorbed and nothing is wasted