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Jan/Feb 2005


Market Farming Tip Sheet By Don Genova
If you want to know what’s going to sell well this summer think: small? ethnic? and (very) bright colours.

Farm Standards By Connie Duivenvoorden? with Andrea Sissons
A no-nonsense guide to Canadian farm classifications.

Extreme Fencing By Ray Ford
What happens when you want to build a fence on the land that God gave to Cain? Welcome to the world of extreme fencing: the art of building fences on fields that don’t willingly submit to post and wire.

Prime Cuts: The Future of Abattoirs and On-Farm Processing By Jeffrey Carter? Mike England and Small Farm Canada staff
Operators of small abattoirs and on-farm butcher shops? both of which are central to small farm economics? are reporting brisk business. Yet pending changes to food inspection regulations make their future uncertain.

Livestock’s Best Friend (Pt.2) By Fran Wallis
When a foal was born at Natalie Humeston’s Alberta ranch her Maremma guardian dog? Ben? didn’t leave its side for three days. Protective instinct is what livestock guardian dogs are all about.


News & Notes – A new marketing co-op for small-scale food processors; bug-killing Coca-Cola? Avian flu’s fast spread demystified (hint: sh%&t hit the fan)? the perils of gaseous sheep? Reading Room
Events – Setting your seedy schedule
Equipment – Take the hitches out of trailering
Earth – Sir Albert Howard looked to the past to find a healthier future for farming
Farm Ledger – Don’t get fooled by a common end-of-the-year accounting practice
Practical – Greenhouse benches? rabbit hutches? multicultural chicken-speak
The Slamming Post – Farmer Bob Reid’s formula for preserving farmland? Pave it!