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May/June 2004


Better Horse Pastures By Dr Bob Wright
Maintaining healthy pastures doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Small Farms Work! By SFC staff and contributors
Big farms may get all the attention in Canada but the numbers say small farms are bigger!

Fight Menu Fraud By Don Genova
Farmers Lyle and Fiona Young noticed their duck was featured on the menu. Surprising? since they weren’t selling duck to that restaurant.

Good Start By Michael Czarick and Michael P Lacy
It’s OK to lose your cool when raising chicks.


News & Notes – Chicken quota crackdown; Organic regulation; Reading Room
Quest – Karyn Woodland in hot pursuit of Canada’s northernmost chicken
Earth – Dirt diet? Darnright!
The Slamming Post – The myth of good advice. A tale from Milton? Ont.
Farm Finance – Deborah Calverley takes us beyond the shoe box
Farm Profile – A new life for Mountain Spring Farm
Practical – A wooden baler; portable roadside stand; sheep shed
Far Afield – Suzanne Steele on Edinburgh’s busy farm market
Bilston Creek Farm – The Strand family finds a farm
Farmstead Supplies – New products for small farmers
Poem – John Steffler’s Seven